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Dear Friends,

As we approach Lent, it is a good opportunity to reflect on what we hold dear to us, what we want to hold onto at all costs and what we are able to release. One of the Lent courses on offer this year is a study of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s book ‘Dethroning Mammon’, where Justin Welby suggests society disproportionally values the things we can readily measure: wealth, health, job, house etc. “The problem with materialism…is not that it exists but that it dominates. It shouts so loudly that it overrides our caring about other things of greater value.”

Archbishop Welby recounts the story from Luke 18 of the healing of the blind beggar. The disciples ordered the man to be quiet and not to bother Jesus. “In Mammon’s kingdom, as the disciples attest, this is someone who contributes nothing to the economy. He is in fact an economic drain, and therefore of no value. The clash of values here is not between Jesus and the beggar, but rather, it is between Jesus and his own disciples who ordered the blind man to be quiet.”

The irony, of course, is that the blind man sees more clearly than the disciples what a treasure is standing in their midst in the person of Jesus.

So, what do we value most? Does faith have a place on our list? I pray that we all value having a Creator God who loves us individually and uniquely. God’s love for us, shown through Jesus, cannot be taken away, even if our material needs are difficult. God is the constant in our lives. Alleluia!

Yours in Christ,



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