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Dear Friends

‘To everything there is a season………………’


Autumn is not my favourite season – I much prefer late Spring/early Summer when the trees are that wonderful vivid green and the gardens are bright with colour. Autumn means the end of long, warm Summer days, gardens that need to be tidied up for Winter and the need to dig out long forgotten coats and woollies. Autumn also brings thoughts and fears of Winter with its short days, cold and damp. Will it be a long hard one? Will there be snow? How long will it be till Spring and the warmer days again?


Autumn is a time of promise though; the harvest is in and hopefully a good one. As well as being associated with endings, there are also the new beginnings that the season brings. New schools, universities or classes; activities starting up again after the Summer holidays.  Who can forget the excitement of smart new exercise books, the smell of a new pencil-box and the feel of the new shoes and uniform?


As with the year, so with our Church.

Our ‘Summer’ with Maz is over and the memories are fading like the garden. We are now in ’Autumn’ and starting our new beginning without a Minister; we are harvesting what she has sowed with us, and just like a child starting school we are a little apprehensive but at the same time excited for the future. ‘Winter’ will come; there may be some difficult times and it may be long, but working together we will weather it. We pray that our ‘Spring’ will soon follow and with it the promise of another new beginning for us all.

Fiona Hall



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