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Dear Friends,

I have just watched the Commonwealth celebration service in Westminster Abbey: Fifty three countries with their flags, their religions and their traditional dress. It is truly heart-warming to see so many countries coming together and championing peace. Independence does not necessarily mean going it alone. Coming together to work for global change is a precious thing.

 As we celebrate Easter, we pause to reflect that Jesus came also to work for global change. He was never critical of the Jewish Law; he was critical of man-made laws that crowded out simple devotion, making a relationship with God complicated and difficult. Jesus came to break down barriers between the people and God. He died to get his point across, and his resurrection brought hope and promise and purpose – he brought global change.

 Today, we may feel that individually we have little hope of changing our world. However, change begins where we are. Even a small gesture of love, compassion, forgiveness, trust, can open the eyes of the recipient that they may say ‘that person is a Christian.’ We don’t need any better ‘thank you’ than that.

 Our faith in Jesus is not restricted to the Commonwealth. We are a world-wide family of believers and in unity with our brothers and sisters around the world,

 we shout:

Jesus is risen!

He is risen indeed!





Christ on the Cross

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